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A bit about us

The collective is diverse group of creators in a wide range of mediums. We have a very relaxed open and friendly environment.

Online links

  • my Website

  • my Instagram

Office vibes

Head Bubble

Problem Solver

Foot Tapper


Coming and Going

Cheers Ears

Desk Cruising

Hot Desking


  • 24 Hours

  • Cleaning

  • Wifi

  • Kitchen Facilities

  • Dogs Allowed

  • Lockable Storage

  • Air Conditioning

  • Office Keys

  • Security

  • IT Support

  • Chill Out Area

  • Shower

  • Bike Storage

  • Creche

  • Car Parking

  • Printer and Photocopy

  • Stationery

  • Open Weekends

Office Rules

Clean up after yourself.
Respect the space and the coworking environment.

Deskcamping values

Everyone who’s signed up to deskcamping has agreed to the ‘deskcamping code’. You can have a read here.

Deskcamping code