Free Desks

It’s a free desk! There’s no rent to pay and no expectation of work in return. It’s about collaboration, not charity.

So why do it?

It’s a well known fact that offices filled with bright, curious minds make for better businesses (we’re guessing, but it’s got to be true). Empty offices are bad. Busy offices are good.

So if you’ve got the space, there’s nothing to lose. Think of yourself as a latter day business anthropologist at the cutting edge of new office culture. You're ripping up the book on closed offices and holding the elevator door open to fresh air and fresh talent. Enough of all this. Basically, if you’ve got the space, give it a go. And anyway, “if it doesn’t work out, kick ‘em out”

You get to decide who gets the desk and how long they stay. Of course you do, it’s your office. It can be anything from 2 weeks to 6 months or more. If you’ve got any doubt about it, maybe do a short trial period to test the water.

It’s easy to add a free desk. It’s the same as adding a desk for rent except you click ‘free’ when you come to set a price. Everything else works the same way.

Go for it and good luck!

“’s more than just a helping hand for solo workers; it’s designed to benefit the culture of a business.”

Financial Times

“Combining interesting freelancers with established companies can result in collaborative experiences no one would have imagined.”

Fast Company

“It’s a simple, light touch means to bring fresh faces into our little world.”

Nicolas Roope, Founder, Poke London