What’s deskcamping?

The place to rent desks.

  • Make money from empty desks or offices

    The great thing about deskcamping is it makes money out of space that’s going empty. What’s more, it could lead to future work collaborations. You never know, the money you get from letting a desk or office space might end up being just the beginning.

  • Adding a desk

    Once you’ve set up a profile, it takes seconds to add a desk. You can add as many desks as you like in as many offices as you like.

    You can turn off a listing from the ‘manage desks’ section of your dashboard by moving it from ‘live’ to ‘draft’

    Remember to give your desk listing an attention grabbing headline. Like, ‘Lovely desk in nice, bright office’.

  • Enquiring about desks

    Enquiring about desks is simple. The prospective tenant sends an enquiry via the “Enquire” button.

    We then screen the tenant to find out their needs and then introduce them to the relevant desk host(s). Viewings, contracts and payments are then between tenant and host.

  • Photography tips

    Bad, low resolution, blurry photos just don’t cut it.

    Adding photos

    Desk campers want to get a feel for what it’s like to work in your space. Remember, desks are boring. The last thing they want to see is a picture of a lonely, empty desk. It might be the thing you’re renting, but it’s not the reason people are looking to work in your space. Take pics of the office space and the people. Show off what makes you different or special. It doesn’t have to be anything big and fancy, like Google’s office, it could be as simple as a nice pinboard with lots of postcards.

    Quality of photos

    We hate bad quality photos. Make sure the resolution is good and the picture is the right way round. If it looks like the tv series, ‘The Office’, don’t come running to us when nobody contacts you!

  • Collaborate

    One of the main reasons people start deskcamping is to meet new people doing interesting things. It’s not really about desks at all. They’re pretty boring once you get over the initial excitement of the four legs and top.

    Deskcamping is more about the coming together of like-minded people. We’ve created detailed and slightly non-sensical profile pages for desk hosts. As in life, ‘the more you give, the more you get back’, so take the effort to make your profile page a fair reflection of your true brilliance.

  • Contact Deskcamping

    We'd love to hear your feedback - drop us a line at info@deskcamping.com.